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Officials seek solution to T funding crisis

Municipal and state leaders met Monday in the heart of the regional transportation system to publicly call for a long-term, statewide solution to the transportation funding crisis.

“It is clear that reform alone is not enough to solve the financial crisis in transportation and deliver the quality service that our customers deserve,” Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey said at a rally in South Station yesterday. “Today let this call to action be a commitment to join together and choose to accept the generational responsibility and to fix our transportation system for the next generation.”

The hour-long forum included remarks from several regional leaders, who agreed that the push for a long-term solution needs support from business, environmental and transportation communities.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino asked people to make their voices heard, “not just today, but every day.”

Marc Draisen, executive director of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council spoke of fiscal responsibility. “We need more money, we need to spend that money wisely, we need to invest it equitably, in this region and throughout the state,” he said.

The rally left commuter Bob Hachey with questions.

“Where do they want to get the revenue? Do they want to do the gas tax? … Or are they afraid to talk about it because it will scare people away?”

What we need

Leaders at South Station Forum agreed that:

A strong transportation system is essential to the wellbeing of every community

Inadequate funding has led to crumbling infrastructure and crippling debt

The state needs more funding for a comprehensive solution

Investments must be statewide