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Oh Brother, where art thou?

Nick Jonas began the new decade with his first tour without his fellow Jonas Brothers. The youngest member of the mega-million-selling pop band has a new outfit, Nick Jonas and the Administration, and they’ll release their debut album, “Who I Am,” on Feb. 2. Jonas says recording and performing without his siblings is “a lot different.”

“It’s definitely a learning process both in the studio and on the road,” says the 17-year-old New Jersey native. “I’m taking it step-by-step and really trying to enjoy it and realize that it is different than what I usually do.”

Musically, if the album’s title track and leadoff single is anything to go by, the Administration’s sound is rooted in teeny pop. Jonas might be stretching his wings, but he isn’t out to ruffle any feathers.

His Administration hasn’t ditched his lucrative Jonas legacy either. The shows include several Jonas Brothers numbers, but done “a little more funky and kinda soulful at times,” he says.

As for any sibling rivalry, brothers Kevin and Joe totally back his side project.

“Knowing that I have support from my brothers is crucial to me so I can feel confident and comfortable doing this.”

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