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Oh dear: Blac Chyna wants to be a rapper now

Blac Chyna Club Apperance

Blac Chyna would like to be a rapper now, in the vein of Nicki Minaj. Because, of course!

TMZ reports that being in music videos with Minaj is no longer enough for Chyna. And “several record labels” are just clamoring to make it happen. Apparently, she’s already in the studio recording what TMZ calls “poetry music,” among other things. For those of you wondering what “poetry music” is, same.

Chyna was part of a Yo Gotti music video shoot in Miami with Minaj a couple of weeks ago, and that was enough to fuel this extremely unnecessary fire.

A source tells the site that the woman formerly engaged, or something, to Rob Kardashian has lined up several meetings with record labels in Los Angeles, and she’s already met with some people at Capitol Records. Neat-o!

This is certainly just another one of those things that we don’t need. But unfortunately, it looks like Chyna is going to just be the unwanted gift that keeps giving.