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Oh no! Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom back together?

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My fourteenth greatest fear may have been realized: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom may be back to entertaining each other’s public and private parts. Oh dear.

Perry and Bloom were spotted at an Ed Sheeran concert — of course — in Los Angeles over the weekend. And they were, ahem, “getting cozy.”

Sure, they showed up wearing jackets and baseball caps, but the crowd noticed them anyway. Perhaps because the stench of their combined thirstiness was enough to overwhelm everyone in a five-foot radius. 

An eyewitness says they even touched each other — with their arms! “Orlando put his arm around Katy’s waist several times, and at one point, she sat on his lap.” OK, sure!

“Orlando seemed to be having a great time and really seemed to enjoy the concert, even dancing at one point.” Yeah, of course the dude who played Legolas loves Ed Sheeran. No surprise there. “Katy was more laid back and seemed to just be listening and taking it all in.”

They also may have been holding hands which is just too much!

In February, the two were taking “respectful, loving space” from each other after nearly a year together, but I guess that’s over now. Too bad.


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