Oil Kings grow moustaches for a cause - Metro US

Oil Kings grow moustaches for a cause

Tom Selleck has one, Burt Reyonlds has one, even Borat had one, and now all of the Oil Kings will have one.

Movember is back, and it is time again to say hello to that nose neighbour and goodbye to that razor.

“It is a cause that can not go unsupported,” said Drew Nichols, No. 8 on the Oil Kings.

Movember is a worldwide month-long phenomena where men spend the month of November growing the most glorious moustaches, all in the name of promoting awareness for prostate cancer.

As Nichols has found out, not all ladies are crazy about seeing their men with moustaches.

“I think any girl that you talk to isn’t the biggest fan of this,” said Nichols.

“They are just going to have to give us a break on this.”

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