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Oilsands protest not well received

Calgary didn’t grace Lush employees with a warm welcome at their oilsands protest Thursday, and it wasn’t because of the weather.

Seven employees of Lush, baring only a barrel, gathered in Olympic Plaza to draw attention to Canada’s oilsands, after their protest Wednesday was quashed by Market Mall.

But in downtown Calgary it seemed many people were anything but sympathetic to their cause.
“It’s in the middle of nowhere — who cares?” said onlooker Charles Manning, “I just think there’s better things to protest — like taxes.”

Lush employee Arlene Hussey said their reason for showing up in the buff was “to show people if something isn’t done, we’re going to lose everything, not just our clothes.

“We’re not surprised that some people didn’t want to hear from us,” said Hussey.

Lush stores will be collecting postcards to send to Stephen Harper and Barack Obama, asking them to “use your federal powers to protect Canada’s wilderness.”

But braving the rain was not in vain as their message did reach some Calgarians.

“The Gulf coast: That’s an accident. But what’s happening in Alberta’s north is no accident and it has just as dire consequences,” said Tavis Ford.

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