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Olbermann says the Trump administration is only about this one thing

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Outspoken pundit and Trump critic Keith Olbermann said Anthony Scaramucci’s firing is emblematic of the Trump administration being built on one thing: Chaos.

In his GQ video column “The Resistance,” Olbermann said that Scaramucci’s exceptionally brief 11-day tenure was par for what we’ve come to expect as the course. “For all the evil and machinations and scandal inside the Trump administration, history may decide that this man, this guy playing the Joe Pesci role in a bad road company edition of ‘GoodFellas,'” Olbermann said. “He will be emblematic of the flotsam and jetsam that rose up from the bilge water of this country to serve this wretched president.”

Despite a debut press conference in which he attempted to charm the press, Scaramucci caused shock waves in a New Yorker interview in which charm was apparently the opposite of his agenda: He called then-current chief of staff Reince Priebus “a fu***ing paranoid schizophrenic” (after giving him a schoolyard nickname) and said presidential adviser Steve Bannon was in the White House to “s**k his own d**k.”

Olbermann pointed out the contradiction between the president’s actions and the official statement that Trump found Scaramucci’s comments inappropriate: “Fired, per the Washington Post, because the president who once explained how to ‘Grab ’em by the p***y’ while wearing a television microphone and being recorded quote, did not appreciate how Scaramucci’s references to auto-fellatio and ‘MF’ers’ linked them to vulgarity.”

But attempts to right the ship by replacing Priebus with Gen. John Kelly as chief of staff will be anything but successful, Olbermann says, because of the Trump administration’s fundamental construction: “Gen. Kelly has succeeded only in underscoring that this administration is constructed entirely out of chaos,” he said. “You do not counteract the sense of instability by firing the communications director, no matter how unsuited for the job, before his official start date. You stop the instability by stopping the man who is the heart of the instability. And for that particular quality, the poster child for can only be, and will forever be, Donald Trump.”

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