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Old book on state of Clinton marriage declared ‘new’ in right-wing media

It’s bad enough for Bill and Hillary Clinton that snitches are everywhere: butlers, salon staff and, allegedly, even the not-so-Secret Service.

It’s really got to be a pain when a year-old book with anonymous allegations that candidate Clinton can sometimes be short with the folks around her and that the former president had a mistress, gets a sudden, new life in right-wing media.

That’s just what is happening today with a book by author and Donald Trump fan Ronald Kessler called, “The First Family Detail.”

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<p dir=Kessler’s book purports to quote Secret Service agents who dish that Bill Clinton has a busty mistress who shows up at his Chappaqua, N.Y. mansion as soon as his wife leaves. Her code name is “Energizer,” Kessler wrote — and she brought the loose lip agents cookies.

The book was widely reported on a year ago this month — and discredited by the progressive news watchdog, Media Matters and in a Washington Post review that slammed its anonymous, National Enquirer nastiness.

Local CBS in Philadelphia started the ball rolling on the recycling. Writing off Kessler’s appearance on Chris Stigall’s show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, the CBS web site headlined screams that the ex-commander-in-chief “has a blonde, busty mistress.”

The Drudge Report ran with three links Wednesday, none of which mention the book was out a year agos. Conservative news sites exploded. The Blaze declared it a “new book.” Breitbart wrote that the gal pal is nicer than Hillary Clinton. The far right World Net Daily also went with the story as news.

Media Matters said this a year ago of Kessler, who earlier this week told Newsmax, a conservative site that portrays itself as “independent,” that Trump is not the ogremain stream media is making him out to be:

“Kessler was an established journalist for credible newspapers like The Washington Post decades ago but became chief Washington correspondent for the far-right outlet NewsMax in 2006. He subsequently pushed false smears of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and led the charge to promote Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. The First Family Detail is part of a trifecta of anti-Clinton books based on anonymous sources.”

The trouble in the Clintons’ marriage has been in the news for years now, starting when Bill Clinton first ran for president and shaking the rafters of the country during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and his subsequent impeachment.

Snitches have been more than happy to dish on the former, and possible future. First Couple, who — for whatever personal reasons — have stayed together.

When Hillary Clinton wrote her account of the Lewinsky affair, reports emerged of nasty fights and broken lamps. In April, author Kate Andersen Brower even got the former White House butlers to dish in The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.

About the most salacious detail? Hillary Clinton once hit her husband over the head with a book during one of their frequent, and loud, fights.

Hillary Clinton can’t even get a haircut — a $600 one, supposedly — without the gossip hounds on her sensible heels.

On Tuesday, Metro reported on The New York Post’s dish that she went to a salon at Bergdorf’s to get her new feathered hairdo.

The Democratic frontrunner has been going to the salon there for years.

Her top dollar cuts are not new.

In fact. two years earlier, a snitch who worked at the salon and took a picture of Clinton was fired.


John A. Oswald is editor-at-large at Metro and can be found on Twitter@nyc_oz.
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