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Old MacDonald had a cow, but this McDonald’s had two horses and a goat


While you were working…

The Northeast knows it has the right stuff, but tonight, it’s getting an inch or two of the white stuff.

Four teens have been taken into custodyin connection with the graphic Facebook Live video that appears to show them torturing a man with mental health issues.

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, what would that mean for people with HIV?

Sen. Bernie Sanders made his point with a giant Trump tweet on the Senate floor.

With Trump’s inauguration looming, the White House might make a last effort torelease prisoners from Gitmo.

The Israeli prime minister is getting grilled forallegedly taking gifts from businessmen, which is a no-no for public servants.

Anotherfemale Fox anchorjumped ship.

The newest (oddest?) couple railing against the hacking allegations against Russia…Trump and WikiLeaks founder Assange.

You might have seen some crazy things at that late night drive thru window, but howabout a couple horses and a goat?

You might need to sit for this news. Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” are Tarzan’s older sisters!



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