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Olivia Wilde: I’m not dating Justin Timberlake, you gossippy gossips!

Hollywood, in some important ways, is just like high school: All we have to do is see two people of the opposite sex standing next to each other and assume they’re having a torrid love affair.

It’s understandable then that rumors flew last night after newly-single Justin Timberlake stood next to newly-single “Tron: Legend” actress Olivia Wilde. According to People:

Less than a month after announcing his split with girlfriend of four years Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake stepped out with another young Hollywood beauty, Olivia Wilde.

The Now costars hit The Roxbury in Hollywood Saturday night, and snuggled together in the VIP section until 1 a.m., when Timberlake, 30, requested they move to the patio so he could listen to hip hop.

Drama! Sexy, sexy drama! However, Wilde took to Twitter to deny the rumors: “Cool it, honeybadgers. We are just friends and have been for years.”

What could this mean? Since his split from Biel, Timberlake has also been photographed standing next to Amanda Seyfried and Mila Kunis; Could those have been something other than a secret sexy fling as well? And if that’s true, then could this be the fall of the celebrity-industrial complex as we know it? (via DigitalSpy)

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