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Olsen twins totally doing that ‘Full House’ reboot after all

Hey, remember when the Internet was counting down to their 18th birthday? Yeah, that
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So remember all that talk about how Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had no interest in doing “Fuller House” and how also that was apparently fine because their former co-stars didn’t want them around anyway? Yeah, about that. A source tells Life & Style that the twins have had a change of heart and are signing on to reprise their shared role as Michelle Tanner for the Netflix reboot.

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“They figured it would be a good break from their usual work routine to go and join their old cast members,” the source says. “They are both going to join in the reunion in some capacity.” This, of course, raises more questions than it answers, like how do you work in two very famous actresses for one part? Or will Michelle have a long-lost evil twin? And what exactly is the Olsen twins’ “usual work routine”? Just creepily whispering “You got it, dude” at each other across a stark marble countertop?

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