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OMG: How did this dog get trapped in the middle of a giant waterfall?

Pictures of a dog stranded on a ledge in the middle of a gigantic waterfall in Bosnia’s Una National Park surfaced online after the park posted photos of the stranded pup on their Facebook page.

The park wrote in a post that authorities came upon the dog on Monday, and suspected that it landed on the cliff after getting caught in the river’s current while chasing game. The park also wrote that theywere attempting to rescue the dog by convincing it to jump.

We’re not too sure how that would be the best way to rescue a dog from a waterfall, but hey, we never claimed to be experts on the matter.

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The photos of this very, very sad looking dog went viral on Slavic media and eventually made their way to Reddit. The post attracted hordes of commenters concerned about whether or not the dog was rescued.

That detail of the story remains unclear. The park did post an update saying that eventually the dog was coaxed to jump from the rock. However, the park ended their post saying that they hoped it would survive. The keyword in that is “hoped.”

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This Metro writer would like to believe that the dog was perfectly alright after its rescue, and that it ended up on a nice Bosnian farm where it could chew bones, chase its tail and never see another body of water ever again.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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