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OMG: ‘Lazyboard’ app lets you text with fewer words

If typing out “lol”, “ok” or “cool” on messages is even a stretch for you, the Lazyboard application aims to eliminate writing basic textspeak. The Android app, created by Singapore developer Prem Adithya, a.k.a Reddit user Sir-Zeph, works as a keyboard extension, allowing users to choose a select prepopulated words and emotions to create messages without (laboriously) typing out a word. The developer is now launching a pro version of the app, which lets users to customize their own shortcuts. Adithya explains to Metro the need for lazy typing.

Did you create the app because you felt too lazy yourself to type?

— I realized that on an off day, I type “kk”, “hmm” and “lol” more than anything else. And I also saw that these words were used in politely turning down an annoying conversation or a conversation that I didn’t want to have with an annoying person. So, then I thought: what if there is a keyboard with just the essential words required to reply people quickly without much effort especially on an extremely worked up day where you don’t have the time and energy to chat with anyone? And so I created Lazyboard.

And how did you choose the words and emoticons?

— The initial design only had eight words and followed a Material Dark theme however after some suggestions from some redditors and reviewers. I expanded the keyboard to hold a few more words, added a lazy emoticons keyboard (not to be confused with the emoji keyboard) and the ability to switch between Material Light and Material Dark themes.

Don’t you think it could be bad for people, since it stimulates them to write less?

— I am not trying to offend those who like to type words in full. I am just embracing the old school typing with this keyboard. Also, emojis have become a little boring since we see them everywhere so I thought I’d include a set of different emoticons.

Do you intend to launch the app to other platforms?

— For now, it’s only available on Android, however if the app manages to reach much more people then I might bring it on iOS too.

What have you been heard from people?

— I didn’t think it would have such a reach in such a short time on Reddit, but I saw that there was a pool of people who supported the Lazyboard and came up with great suggestions to further improve it. That’s when I decided to come up with Lazyboard Pro, which provides users with more features such as toggling haptic feedback, toggling auto-space, toggling auto-send, toggling keyboard switcher button and customizing the keys with your own words/phrases.

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