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OMG: ‘YouCam Makeup’ app turns your boring selfies into a glamorous self portraits

If you like experimenting with new make-up looks, you may feel like this app was made especially for you. With YouCam Makeup, you can transform a regular self-portrait by virtually giving it a supermodel style. Using facial detection and skin analysis technologies, the so-called ’smart cosmetic kit in your purse’ can conjure up picture-perfect portraits using true-to-life effects, including eye shadow palettes, mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, blush and foundation. The app is free and it’s available for Android and iOS. Metro spoke with CyberLink, the Taiwan-based tech company behind the app.

Is YouCam Makeup focusing on the “selfie era”?

— Well, more or less. YouCam Makeup is an essential alternative to having to go into a store and try out various makeup colors to see what you think looks best. It has allowed us to bring the power of our desktop photo editing technology to users in a dynamic new way that consumers are just beginning to explore – virtual makeup! When we were first getting started, we had professional makeup artists come to our headquarters in Taiwan to teach our developers how to create and employ true-to-life digital cosmetics for app users.

But doesn’t it sound a little fake, since it works only in the virtual world?

No. All the beauty looks created in the app can later be recreated in real life with actual makeup. We like to think of YouCam Makeup’s creations similarly to the way you bring a photo of a celebrity or your ideal hairstyle to the salon. It’s all about being able to have fun and experiment with new looks and styles, not about idealizing the perfect image.

So, anyone can use it?

Yes! Although we see primary usage from women, men can use the app as well. There is a wide range of colors, tones, and hairstyles to match different skin tones and accommodate personal preferences. Our intention is to provide a virtual cosmetic kit to users via their phone or tablet.

What is the accuracy of the app?

YouCam Makeup’s smart facial detection accurately captures facial features and overlays realistic cosmetics and hairstyles onto your photos or selfies. Our background in professional quality photo editing means we already have the most intuitive technology out there when it comes to accurately identifying features.

How does the app compare to other competitors?

There are a few apps similar to YouCam Makeup on the market, but none that have the many years of experience in photo and video editing that we have. We’re able to introduce sophisticated technology with our app, which allows us to provide an accurate, true-to-life experience for users; one that is usually only found on expensive desktop software.

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