"Ominous" blizzard warnings for 29 million in the Northeast have us all on edge - Metro US

“Ominous” blizzard warnings for 29 million in the Northeast have us all on edge

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Crippling. Historic. Destructive.

Enough already! We get it, TV talking heads and uber-zealous pols and emergency officials.

Snow is coming. Lots and lots of snow.

A winter storm the likes of which many of have never seen.

Ever. The #Blizzardof2015.

Or, what we’re calling it here at Metro: Snowmageddon 2015!!!

From Philadelphia, to New York and up to Boston, this is prime time for the folks who decide whose streets get salted and plowed first. And for the elected officials? Time to scare the bejesus out of us.

“Prepare for the worst,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told New Yorkers of the two to three feet of snow predicted to mash the Big Apple.

“Change your plans now,” he advised. Stay home. “Even walking should be kept to a minimum.”

In Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh was a little more reserved but still advised: “I ask everyone to be vigilant, stay inside and off the roads.”

To be fair to the folks who will have to dig us out of the coming mess, the most alarming words came from none other than the commandos at the National Weather Service.

“29 Million people under #Blizzard Warning,” the weather men and women tweeted out.

“Crippling,” they warned. “Potentially historic.”

“The signs are ominous,” wrote National Weather Service Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski in another tweet.

Naturally, newscasters took all that as license to have us all cowering in horror Monday night as the storm rips up the East Coast.

On social media, critics advised the doomsday purveyors to chill out.

“I wish news outlets could discern the difference between promoting preparedness during a storm and triggering extreme public panic,” Sirius radio host and executive producer, tweeted out.

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