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On ‘Breaking In’ and geeking out

Christian Slater returns to TV with “Breaking In,” a comedy about a company that tests security systems by trying to outsmart them — with varying degrees of success. Metro caught up with Slater and co-star Bret Harrison at WonderCon for a less-than-serious chat about their new gig.

There seems to be a lot of camaraderie among cast.

BH: We have a good time. You have to. We’re working pretty hard. That would really suck if you spent that much time not having a good time.
CS: They’re a hilarious bunch. It’s adorable.

An upcoming episode takes place at Comic-Con, right?

BH: Yeah! The Comic-Con episode, we’re hired to hand-deliver “Goonies 2: The Legend of Sloth” so a select group of nerdlings get to see this movie.
CS: The studio has a contest where 100 lucky people get to come see this screening. Then what happens is the rest of the fans that don’t get to go to this screening are in an uproar.

Have either of you had much Comic-Con or WonderCon experience before?

BH: I haven’t been to WonderCon before this, but I’ve been to Comic-Con once, and it was great. It’s like a circus, man. It’s a lot of fun.
CS: Me? No. This is a good way to start, though. I likey.

What would you dress up as at a sci-fi convention?

BH: I don’t know … Batman and Robin?
CS: Yeah! That’s good!

Classic or …

CS: Classic. I’d go Adam West and Burt Ward.
BH: I’ll be Burt. I can do that.

There are rumors of some hazing among the cast.

: Me and Alphonso [McAuley] have a Nerf gun war that started out as a scene that became an actual battle. He shot me in the face with a Nerf gun bazooka.
CS: Paramedics were called. But not really.
BH: Even though it’s Nerf, that hurt.
CS: You keep messing around like that and somebody’s going to lose an eye [laughs]. I come in and put an end to it.
BH: Yeah, you put an end to it with a real bow and arrow.
CS: That I took from “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” Yeah, it was nice. Costner gave it to me. Very sweet guy.

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