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On-ice insult lands Canucks in hot water

Sean Avery’s controversial “sloppy seconds” comment about other players’ girlfriends got him suspended from the National Hockey League.

Will Vancouver Canucks Alex Burrows and Ryan Kesler face a similar fate for their inflammatory comments about a Blues player’s wife?

Burrows and Kesler were heard making the comments about David Backes’ partner during the first game of their first-round playoff series on Wednesday. Video of the incident was posted on YouTube.
“Hey, Kelly’s a great gal,” Burrows yelled.

Centre Ryan Kesler piped up right after, saying, “Tell Kelly I said hi.”

Greg Kowalski, a software engineer, said insults are common on the ice.

“It happens, and believe me, I’ve heard much, much worse,” Kowalski said. “It’s just a part of the game.”

Ra Sushi Bar manager Derek Bruch said that the players hurling insults at each other is “just part of being a guy.”

“What Burrows said isn’t even that bad,” Bruch said. “These things always get blown up by the media because it makes people come back and watch more.”

Kyle Lescisin, a former goalie for the Simon Fraser University hockey team, said Burrows went too far.
“I think that insulting the family of the players is crossing a line,” Lescisin said.

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