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On the T: A wanted man baffles transit police by straddling the gap

Transit Police were apparently baffled after learning that a man who they saw defiantly straddling the space between a train and the platform at Quincy Center Station had several warrants out for his arrest.

John Monroe, 32, of Roxbury was arrested around 8:30 p.m. Monday night, after allegedly “straddling his body in between the train and the platform.”

Transit Police said Monroe delayed passengers on the train by refusing to step away, despite the T driver’s repeated plea to “please clear the doors.”

“Monroe ignored these requests and continued to stand in between the doors, preventing their closure,” Transit Police said in a statement on their blog.

When officers looked at Monroe’s record, they found he had four outstanding warrants on several different charges issued from multiple courts.

“Obviously Monroe did not take our advice seriously regrading what to do if you have a warrant and DO NOT want to be arrested,” Transit Police said.

On Jan. 11, Transit Police put out a public warning to riders who have active warrants. The basic message: lay low.

Transit Police said no reason was given for Monroe’s actions.

“You are probably wondering why Monroe would draw such attention to himself. We are too,” Transit Police said.

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