One Direction songs spike nearly 800% after Zayn Malik quits, Spotify says - Metro US

One Direction songs spike nearly 800% after Zayn Malik quits, Spotify says


While you were out living your life as if nothing important happened, One Direction fans around the world were feeling emotions. While feeling all of these emotions they were also listening to every single One Direction song all at the same time.

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Wake up, people! There are serious things in the world happening! It’s the end of an era (and to many fans, the end of the world).

Following the One Direction’s announcement that Zayn Malik left the band, the streaming music service saw the number of One Direction streams quadruple. This measured out to a global surge of330%, and a 769% increase in the United States.

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“One Direction is one of the biggest bands in the world, with over 1.4 billion streams on Spotify,” Said Spotify’s head of European Label Relations, Kevin Brown. “Looking at One Direction’s streams on Spotify last night, we can clearly see the ‘spike of sadness’ happening around 5PM ET, when their millions of fans paid tribute to Zayn by listening to One Direction’s music together all over the world.”

What were the most popular songs played during this international One Direction “spike of sadness?”

1. ‘Moments’

2. ‘Same Mistakes’

3. ‘Spaces’

4. ‘I Wish’

5. ‘Gotta Be You’

What could it mean? Are the teens of the world trying to tell us of their sorrows with song titles?

Here are a couple of guesses of what they’re trying to tell us:

We’ll never have the “Moments” of our youth back?

Why do all boy bands make the “Same Mistakes?”

I can’t believe how many empty “Spaces” there are in the One Direction lineup.

“I Wish” I didn’t have so many emotions.

Who’s causing all this pain? “Gotta Be You,” Zayn. Gotta be you.

Wanna join the international marathon of emotions? Listen below:

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