One entrepreneur says it’s a great time to get an MBA – Metro US

One entrepreneur says it’s a great time to get an MBA

One entrepreneur says it’s a great time to get an MBA

While technology and hiring trends are constantly evolving, one thing remains true: A strong foundation will give students the skills they need throughout their careers.

“In our minds, the upswings in the economy have stimulated new businesses,” says Sunil Sani, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who is the co-founder of Careerglider.com, a site geared toward helping young people figure out their educational and career path.

“Having an MBA highlights a skill set that many employers want.” We talked to Sani — himself an MBA holder from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania — about how the degree can further certain career goals.

Seeing the full picture: “The best part about an MBA is the networking because you work in groups,” says Sani. “You are given a business problem and have to come in with your own solutions and get to have a lively discussion as a group.” Those group negotiations, he says, give students a glimpse of what it is like to market products and negotiate deals at a company. Good research is key to finding a school that’s a right fit for your interests and needs. Careerglider.com offers a blog with advice for potential students as well as information on different programs in the region.

Preparation for the startup world: “MBA programs are the main feeders for the investment bank world,” says Sani. “However, one great thing about the degree is that it can be used in fields like health care, consulting and even social media.” Sani says he is seeing more companies looking for candidates with MBA backgrounds in fields like marketing.

The ability to branch out on your own:“When I got my MBA I went in knowing that I’d be going into a family business,” says Sani. “It’s really about getting into small business management.” Sani reminds students that networking is more than just hanging out with your classmates after a lecture. “I’ve worked with some of [my classmates] and I’ve invested with some of them, too.”

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