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One man’s mission for his own cashless society

All or nothing?

Imagine a year of self-imposed exile from consumer society — life with no money. Mark Boyle has been living in a caravan, volunteering on an organic farm, using cuttlefish bone and fennel seeds as toothpaste and blogging on his solar powered laptop.

“I planned everything carefully, so it’s not like it came as a shock. I began my life without money on Buy Nothing Day. I’m going to use the money from a forthcoming book deal to buy a piece of land where I will set up a Free Community, a place where people can live without money, grow their own food and use up waste food,” Boyle said.

Boyle worked for several ethical businesses before realizing that in order to make a difference he would need to fully understand what it is he was trying to change.

“The jolt came three years ago. I was sitting with a friend, discussing world issues when he said: ‘You can campaign all you want, but are you solving something?’”

A typical day involves foraging for nettle leaves to make tea, cooking on a rock stove and working out. Life without cash does takes its toll.

“The hardest thing is the impact on my social life, as not having money isn’t great for a female partner.”

His year without cash officially ended Nov. 28, but Boyle has no intention of stopping.

“My experience has reinforced my belief that I could do it.”

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