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One mighty adventure

God Of War II, an epic tale of revenge,?is an action-packed blockbuster that proves PS2 is still a vital, thriving system.

God of War II

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 2

Rating: M – Mature 17+

Game type: Action

**** 1/2 (out of 5)

• What’s the premise?

Kratos may have slaughtered his way to becoming a deity in God Of War, but even the mightiest gods can fall. After interfering in one too many battle among mortals, Kratos finds his powers stripped down by some of the more powerful Greek gods and the epic battle is on as you help him exact his revenge.

• This game is most similar to…?

God Of War (duh!)

• Can I let my kid/kid brother play it?

There’s killing, monsters and even a threesome — so not so much.

• One player or more?

It’s just you and Kratos.

• The (not-so) secret to success is…?

It isn’t rocket science: Kill, kill, kill! Oh, and solve some cool puzzles.

• What’s missing?

The only thing this game needs is to be in HD at 1080p (and don’t you worry, I’m told that’s coming).

• And in the end?

Who says the end is near for PlayStation 2? God Of War II is an action-packed blockbuster game that proves PS2 is still a vital, thriving system with titles that command attention.

JONATHAN P. KUEHLEIN/metro toronto


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