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One-woman show runs with Antigonish nickname phenomenon

In Antigonish, everyone has a nickname.

Mary-Colin Chisholm, also known as Kathrine Danny Donald Kirk Pioneer Jody Colin Widow Colin Chisholm, was inspired to write a radio mini series about her hometown’s nickname phenomenon 12 years ago. Now she’s performing the series on stage called He’d Be Your Father’s Mother’s Cousin, a one-woman show starting Thursday during the 11-day SuperNova Theatre Festival in Halifax.

Chisholm’s nickname comes from her mother, Kathrine Danny Donald Kirk, who is also the main character of the play.

“Mom has found a tape recorder at a garage sale, so she’s figured out she can talk to her daughter,” Chisholm said. “It’s kind of an avoidance technique so she doesn’t have to talk to her. So she sends tapes to her daughter, Mary Rose. She’ll start talking to Mary Rose and get distracted because Grandma’s wandering around lookin’ for the cat, and Dad’s wandering around lookin’ for his keys. So they start barkin’ at each other. Then five minutes later she realizes the tape recorder’s still on.”

Composed in nine sketches, the play follows five characters, grandma, dad, mother, daughter and cat. Chisholm plays them all.

The small town comedy kicks of the theatre festival Thursday at Neptune’s Studio Theatre. The festival runs from until May 17.