“This is a magic show for people who didn’t know they liked magic shows,” Jeff Hobson explains. With seven magicians on stage — the Anti-Conjuror, the Inventor, the Deductionist, the Escapologist, the Manipulator, the Daredevil and the Trickster (himself) — he insists not to stress if you don’t like one, because there are six more waiting to take your breath away. “The Illusionists – Live from Broadway” promises a spectacular and highly interactive variety magic show involving underwater tricks, levitation, mind reading and shock illusions.


Dan Sperry, former "America's Got Talent" contestant and Marilyn Manson lookalike, will have your jaw on the ground with his own brand of macabre magic. Kevin James may just split a body in half and spin it across the stage. Colin Cloud already knows everything about you — bank PIN and all. Meanwhile, Andrew Basso and Jonathon Goodwin will actually put their lives on the line. Yu Ho-Jin will twist the classic "now you see it, now you don't" and Hobson will have your laughing in between gasps.


Hobson, aka the Trickster, admits, “I feel more comfortable on stage sometimes than even my own home.” After seeing a magician at his school at age of 7, he decided instantly that magic was what he wanted to do and never looked back.


One of his signature tricks on stage involves an audience member choosing a card, placing it back in the stack and shuffling it. Then for the interesting part, Hobson places the cards in his mouth, locates their card with his tongue and folds it three times.


“I know it will sound weird — it is weird — but it’s hilariously funny, which is why I am the Trickster."

The “Host of Las Vegas” adds that this may be a show catered for adults, but people don’t often realize that they can bring children. So don’t hesitate: Bring the whole family and prepare to be amazed. If you’re lucky, you may even be one of the 20-plus audience members that get to join in on the acts.

It's Houdini multiplied by seven. It's magic like you have never seen before.

If you go:

April 4-9
The Ilusionists — Live from Broadway
Boston Opera House
539 Washington St.
Tickets start at $40, ticketmaster.com