Originating in Taiwan nearly two decades ago, the cat cafe has finally found a place in the city of Philadelphia. Brewerytown’s Le Cat Cafe is Philly’s first cat cafe, which opened its doors nearly a year ago to cat lovers in our fair city. It not only offers comfy seating for you and your new feline friends, but it more importantly acts as an adoption platform for Green Street Animal Rescue. This nonprofit aims to rescue stray and homeless cats by finding them good foster homes. It also aims to educate people about appropriately trapping, rescuing and fostering strays.

When asked what made her want to open a cat cafe in the first place, owner Kathy Jordan, who is also the founder of Green Street Animal Rescue, says, “It’s the same problem that’s been here for longer than you or I: There are too many cats out on the streets that need a home.”

What it comes down to is finding a faster way to get them adopted other than using pet shops like Fairmount Pet Shop or Doggie Style as platforms. “They become depressed. They don’t get adopted. They get euthanized,” she reveals.

Part of the predicament rescue groups face is that the city limits 12 cats to a house. Any more than that and it becomes a shelter and has to face a greater onslaught of rules and regulations.

With the exception of the one person who’s paid to be at the cafe’s front desk, Le Cat Cafe is made up of volunteers.

“They do it on top of full-time jobs. Anybody who helps me trap, transport, get to the vets, get back from the vets or foster — they’re all doing it out of their love for cats and the kindness of their hearts. Not because they’re getting paid,” says Jordan.

Le Cat Cafe’s current residents include the gentle giant Buggy, snack-lover Tennessee, tiny calico Priscilla and many more, whose online portraits are definitely gush-worthy, but incomparable to in-person visits.

“When you take a cat out of a cage, you have no idea what it’s going to be like in your living room. It allows you to have a better idea, and the adoptions stay longer,” Jordan notes.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet these cats and celebrate Le Cat Cafe and Green Street’s efforts beginning Thursday, March 9 — with two hours in the cafe for the price of one. They are celebrating Friday with trivia games, and for every cat question you get right, you get a free raffle ticket. If you can only make it on the weekends, stop by Saturday from 2-4 p.m. for a live band and a slice of cake. And to end the celebration on Sunday, the winners of the different raffled items will be announced. Prizes include a $150 gift certificate to Capital Grill, a cat-themed gift basket and all kinds of little feline things.

Last year, Green Street assisted 348 cats in finding a better life, and this year to date have rescued 163 cats and adopted out 55. Le Cat Cafe is undoubtedly making a “pawsitive” difference for cat lives and cat lovers alike.

Le Cat Cafe’s first anniversary celebration runs from March 9-12 at 2713 W. Girard Ave.

For more information, visit: lecatcafe.org.

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