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Online personality life-blogs her way to MTV

You may not know it yet, but Casie Stewart is your new favourite online VJ, the latest update on that oh-so-’80s on-air media personality.

Since November 2009, the 27-year-old daily-blogger has garnered much attention for being the “online voice” of those venerable millennial-only pop culture channels. A day of work usually involves updating the @MTVCanada Twitter for its more than 27,000 followers, or posting episode clips on MuchMusic’s official Facebook page.

“I blogged my way into the coolest job ever,” says the digital marketing co-ordinator for MuchMusic and MTV Canada.

For the past four years, Stewart has led the “recorded life” via her “Casie Stewart: This Is My Life” blog. Click onto her Google profile, and you can catch this “rad social media chick” 24/7 on any networked stream: Buzz, Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring — you name it.

“If you want to build your personal brand, you got to live it,” says the self-described “geek chick” who flaunts “goofy” black frames in profile pics with her trademarked platinum pixie cut. “You can’t fake it.”

So Stewart’s self-packaged “realness” is now RSS-feeding into a big brand’s multi-platform. But this Cambridge-raised social media starlet has “always been goal-oriented,” whether it’s self-publishing a poetry collection at 14 (the Toronto Star called her Keats’ “teen muse”) or posing as a SUNshine Girl in 2001.

Whereas her previous employer (an online casino company) “hated” her life-streaming, MuchMusic and MTV Canada love it. “They said they didn’t want me to give up on that,” she says. “That’s what keeps me on trend.”

– Rea McNamara writes about the on/offline statuses of niches and subcultures. Follow her on Twitter @reeraw

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