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Only three candidates invited to ‘Final Debate’

Members of a local civic blogging site have issued a challenge to the perceived top three mayoral candidates in Calgary’s upcoming election.

Calgarypolitics.com has posted an event on Facebook called “The Final Debate” requesting that Barb Higgins, Naheed Nenshi and Ric McIver debate during a live broadcast.

“We’ve had a very full field in the race for mayor,” said Joey Oberhoffner of Calgary Politics, “but the reality is, only three people actually have a statistical chance of being the next mayor of Calgary.”

Oberhoffner said Calgarians deserve to see these candidates debate so they can get a clear understanding of what they represent.

“Certainly you can’t get much more transparent and accountable than sitting in front of a TV camera live and debating your opponents about your vision for the city,” he said. “I would certainly hope that all three would be willing to come to the table,”

McIver’s campaign manager said they “would be willing to consider a televised debate,” while Nenshi’s manager said he would participate “anywhere, anytime.”

A call to Higgins’ campaign manager was not returned.

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