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Ontario MPP wants his morning coffee

Their morning coffee was top of mind for Ontario politicians yesterday as they began the work week much earlier than normal thanks to a Liberal government experiment that starts the legislative day at nine each morning instead of in the afternoon.

Before debate could even begin on new animal protection legislation, veteran Conservative Norm Sterling was seeking permission to change the rules so all the elected members could enjoy a cup of coffee inside the legislative chamber.

“I normally have a coffee at my desk at 9 a.m.,” Sterling told the legislature. “Mr. Speaker, I ask your indulgence to allow the morning session to enjoy a cup of coffee while they’re listening to debate.”

Government House Leader Michael Bryant joked he would be the first to pour Sterling that cup of coffee if the Speaker gives permission, but later told reporters he thought Sterling was just trying to make a light-hearted comment about the new working hours.

PC Leader John Tory said the Speaker should simply make a ruling on the coffee question without sending the issue to committee for further study.