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OpinionNation puts a ‘Family Feud’ spin on trivia nights in Boston

'Family Feud' parody on 'Saturday Night Live'

When imagining a typical trivia night, many might think of a local dinner joint with a middle-aged man in the corner posing questions on an obscure baseball player from years past. Well, OpinionNation is trying to change that – big time.

Popping up at establishments all around Boston, including Sixth Gear Cask and Kitchen in South Boston and 6B Lounge in Beacon Hill, OpinionNation is shaking up the world of trivia. Actually, scratch trivia.

“It’s not trivia,” says Stump! regional sales manager Kookie Toro. “OpinionNation is a survey-based game. Players are asked to guess what they believe is the most popular answer.”

In other words, think “Family Feud,” with survey questions asked ahead of time to a sample of locals. OpinionNation players who guess the most popular responses earn more points for their team. While Steve Harvey won’t be making an appearance, players can expect questions ranging from “What city are honeymooners most likely to visit?” to “Name something you might find in the trunk of a car.”

This new spin on trivia night was created to assuage some of the problems that are associated with traditional quiz games. Toro explains that people often become disappointed after the same team wins week after week. By switching the focus of the game to something that depends more on predicting social norms and less on recalling random facts, different groups have a shot of winning the grand prize each time.

“OpinionNation also discourages cheating,” says Toro. It’s sometimes hard to trust if the winning trivia group won because of their brains or via sneaky smartphone Google searches. Since this game deals with survey-questions that change weekly, the chances of foul-play are drastically decreased, which truly broadens the field for all players.

“That’s what’s great about OpinionNation and why it’s becoming so popular,” says Toro. “It’s for everyone and anyone.”

If you go:

Every Wednesday, 8 p.m., Sixth Gear Cask and Kitchen, 81 L. St., free,  sixthgearboston.com/events; Every Monday, 8 p.m., 6B Lounge, 6 Beacon St., free, 6bloungeandrestaurant.com


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