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Opposites do attract

Do opposites really attract? And if so, does that add to chemistry in a relationship?

Derek says…
I find it curious that scientific principles are often used as clichés for matters of the heart. And while I’m not sure how physics relates to love connections, it wasn’t until I met Angela that I first believed in love at first sight.

Angela says…
Opposites? Yeah, it’s a cliché — but one that I believe firmly in. To me, it keeps things interesting.

Derek is always introducing me to things I’d never consider, and I like to think I do the same for him. For instance, I would have never watched the Battlestar Galactica series had it not been for him, and I like to think he’d never gain an appreciation for America’s Next Top Model without my tutelage.

Having different interests keeps our individuality intact and offers interesting things to talk about after a long day at work — even after more than a decade together.

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