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Opposition aims at water info snafu

Opposition parties are raising questions after a cabinet minister didn’t know about a prominent announcement within his department hours after it happened yesterday.

As he entered the legislature, Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau was asked about the government’s decision to ban bottled water in provincial office buildings.

Despite being announced by the premier hours earlier, Belliveau, who is also fisheries minister, was unaware of the matter and asked for time to be briefed by staff.

When asked his opinion on the issue, he said he didn’t have one and again asked to check in with staff.

Liberal critic Andrew Younger said a minister being cut out of the decision-making process shows that “(Premier) Darrell Dexter runs his government like (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper. It’s a one-man show and the ministers are just figureheads.”

Tory critic Chuck Porter ridiculed Dexter for telling unions — the announcement was made at a CUPE annual meeting — before the minister in charge.

Dexter brushed off the comments.

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