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‘Other Desert Cities’: ‘An embarrassment of riches’

Thomas Sadoski refers to his current gig as co-starring on Broadway’s “Other Desert Cities” as an “embarrassment of riches.”

And that’s not hyperbole. His role enables him to work nightly with such acting heavyweights as Stockard Channing, Stacy Keach, Judith Light, and Rachel Griffiths. But Sadoski not only holds his own; he shines.

“In the beginning, the idea was a little intimidating, sure,” he admits. “But everyone treats each other with such openness. It’s an incredibly collaborative experience with these guys.”

It’s one that will soon come to a slight close for Sadoksi, as luck has struck again — the 35-year-old is heading to Los Angeles to co-star in an Aaron Sorkin’s cable-news drama, which will premiere next year on HBO.

“The sick irony of it all is for the past 15 years, all I’ve wanted is a hit Broadway show. Now I have one, and I have to leave it,” he says ruefully. (Sadoski did get a Tony nomination for Neil LaBute’s “reasons to be pretty” in 2009, but the production never took off commercially.) Sadoski tells us he’s going to leave the show for three weeks next month and then come back for the final week of December. “Then I get on the plane and move out to L.A. to finish shooting.”

But not to worry. Sadoski is keeping an eye on “Other Desert Cities.” The show, which was scheduled to end on Jan. 8, 2012, has been extended indefinitely. “I would be eager to come back,” he says.

And we would be so lucky.

The plot

Brooke Wyeth (Rachel Griffiths), a once-promising novelist with depressive tendencies, returns home to Palm Springs to celebrate Christmas with her parents, former members of the Reagan inner-circle (Stockard Channing and Stacy Keach), her brother (Thomas Sadoski) and her aunt (Judith Light).

When Brooke breaks the unwelcome news that she is going to publish a memoir focusing on an explosive chapter in the family’s history, secrets are unleashed.

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