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Otherkin remove masks for Halloween

It’s that time of year again — everyone rushing to find the perfect mask for a Halloween disguise.

But what if All Hallows’ Eve was the only day of the year when you could remove your “mask” and be welcomed by society?

Otherkin are people whose personal philosophies lead them to believe their consciousnesses, or souls, aren’t entirely human.

They feel they’re mythical beings like lycanthropes, elves and fairies.

Sanné Lambert, who owns Venus and Mars, a retail store catering to alternative lifestyles, said the appeal behind Otherkin may be the escapism it provides — especially at this time of year.
Dracco, a young man from Surrey wishing to keep his identity private, said he identifies with dragons.

“Anyone who doesn’t feel totally human or themselves inside could call themselves (Otherkin),” he said.

“They don’t feel complete without representing something outside the human body.”

Another form is the vampire.

Vancouverite Christina Martine became a vampire aficionado at a young age, publishing her first vampire novel, Cat The Vamp, when she was 21.

Otherkin tend to be powerful, beautiful, and immortal, “and who doesn’t want to be any of those things?” she asked.

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