Ottawa River sewage spill prevention program will cost $250M - Metro US

Ottawa River sewage spill prevention program will cost $250M

It will take $251.6 million spread out over 17 projects to almost entirely eliminate sewage spills into the Ottawa River by 2013.

Yesterday, the city’s planning committee passed the Ottawa River Action Plan. If city council approves the plan on March 24, work on a combined sewage overflow storage tunnel would begin in 2011.

Only five of the 17 projects relate to eliminating sewage overflows, said Sally McIntyre, the city’s program manager of environmental programs. The other projects deal with wet weather management flow, watershed issues, and education programs.

While sewage spills into the river are still possible during exceptional rainfall events, the system would totally eliminate spills on average years, said McIntyre.

Most of the cost of the ORAP has already been allocated to the project, with $54 million already spent on a real-time control system for the combined sewer system, said Dixon Weir, the city’s general manager of environmental services.

To implement the plan, the city will need to approve spending $78.26 million between 2011 and 2013.

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