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Ottawa West-Nepean candidates talk to Metro

Metro asked candidates what voters in Ottawa West-Nepean should keep in mind when they cast their ballots tomorrow.

The candidates for MPP in their own words:

Bob Chiarelli, Liberal Party

“People need to look at where we were before this government took over, where we’re at and where we are going.

“This government has increased funding by 42 per cent and has hired over 10,000 nurses.
“In the last administration there were constant strikes at the school boards. Our administration has had no strikes and we have increased funding at the public board by 27 per cent.”

Pam FitzGerald, New Democratic Party

“What I’m hearing at the door is that people are not happy with this government. They are concerned about the quality of health care and the reports about the loss of nurses … and the length of the waiting times in many areas.

“As a school board trustee, I see the same things in our school where large amounts of money are thrown (into) certain pet projects that don’t address the underlying problems that we have in providing decent schooling for our kids.”

Beth Graham, Progressive Conservative Party

“This is a byelection. It’s not going to change the fact that Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals are in power for the next 18 months, but it’s an opportunity for people to send a clear message to this government that we do not like the HST.

“I am going to stand up for seniors, middle class families and people with low incomes that are going to be very hard hit by the HST. People are so concerned about this.

“I also want to get money back from this e-health boondoggle.”

Mark MacKenzie, Green Party

“None of these three parties have inspired people to get involved in the democratic process.

“Nothing will change at Queen’s Park unless people vote for me and the Green party. This is the third byelection with Tim Hudak as leader of the PCs and all they have done is get people mad at Dalton McGuinty.

“Not the current government and neither opposition party are tending to the importance of small and medium-sized businesses and health promotion.”

Independent John Turmel is also running. Turmel holds the Guinness Book record for most elections contested and lost.

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