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OuterSpaces connects Boston startups to desk rentals at local offices

The people behind OuterSpaces know that startups need room to grow – just not that much.

That’s why they started the new collaborative network, which connects startups, entrepreneurs and remote employees with Boston desks through month-to-month rental agreements, helping them avoid committing to pricey office leases.

“I work for a company that is headquartered on the West Coast,” said Patrick Shaugnessy, who is the only Boston-based employee for an Oregon-based company Red Giant.

Shaughnessy’s work space at Boston’s GoodTwo sets his company back only $600 each month, and offers a good alternative to working at home.

“It ‘s a concentration thing. There are just too many distractions at home,” Shaugnessy said. “So far it’s worked out great.”

As for his host, GoodTwo’s Bill Yucatonis said they are happy to have him in their Broad Street office.

“I’ve been through the pains and challenges of protecting the little capital you have,” Yucatonis said. “If there is a way we can help other entrepreneurs through OuterSpace, it makes a lot of sense.”

For Bill Jacobson, the managing director of Workbar, a shared office space on Atlantic Avenue, it was a no-brainer.

“Businesses that are growing need flexibility, but they also need a base,” Jacobson said. “There is also a network effect because they have people to collaborate with. The hosts can also utilize their spare space, and build up the energy in the office.”

Workbar joined forces with Boston World Partnerships to get the idea off the ground in August. Since then it has hooked up about 20 people with desks at five local companies, and according to Devin Cole, the director of engagement and programs at Boston World Partnerships, “the sky is the limit.”

“We’re seeing on both sides inquiries from potential tenants and hosts. There is a clear demand from both ends,” Cole said.

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