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Owen Wilson and Ed Helms deserve much better than the beleaguered ‘Father Figures’

Ed Helms and Owen Wilson

‘Father Figures’

Director: Lawrence Sher

Starring: Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Glenn Close, Terry Bradshaw, J.K. Simmons, Chrisopher Walken

Rating: PG-13

2 (Out of 5) Globes

Plot: Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) are fraternal twin brothers that were told by their mother Helen Baxter (Glenn Close) that their father died when they were young. However, it now transpires that was a complete lie, and due to her promiscuous past the duo aren’t quite sure who their real father might be. Nevertheless they set out on a road trip across the country to try and find him. Along the way they meet Terry Bradshaw and Roland (J.K Simmons), and also look to repair their strained relationship, as the duo couldn’t be more different. 

Review: It doesn’t take long to realize that ‘Father Figures’ is going to disappoint. Early on the dynamic between the twin brothers Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) is mundane and predictable, while you feel as though you have heard all of its jokes before. Once the film gets out from under its feet, and Wilson and Helms head off onto the open road to find their real father, the duo are able to inject some life into proceedings. This is only enhanced by cameos from Terry Bradshaw, Harry Shearer, Ving Rhames, Christopher Walken, Katie Aselton, and J.K. Simmons. Not that they’re given much to play with, as any time “Father Figures” threatens to become compelling it can’t pull it off. Which is what makes the film’s genuinely heartfelt ending and leaving message all the more surprising, while its themes of fate and brotherhood sort of work, too. Its ridiculous denouement even ruins that, though, and underscores the feeling that the beleaguered “Father Figures” completely wastes its comedic cast, especially since it doesn’t produce even one hearty laugh.