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Pageants can be just entertainment

There’s more to contestants than just looking pretty

Did you check out Inga Skaya’s uniform? I thought Miss Canada was sure to knock them dead at the Miss Universe Pageant in Mexico City the other day. Not that I’d wear that outfit if you paid me, but if there ever were to be such a thing as cheerleaders at a hockey game, this get-up would be prefect!

Too bad she didn’t even make it to the top 15.

Oh, beauty pageants. Such a thing of controversy. There are many women who find them disgusting avenues for merchandising women, like cattle at an auction. And there are others who spend many intense years trying to win.

I fall in the Swiss category — I’m neutral. I would never get involved, nor would I wish for my daughter to get involved. But they’re fun to watch on television. Sort of. I enjoy looking at beautiful women, and since these women represent their respective countries, I’m obviously not the only one who thinks they’re attractive.

I like seeing women with stunning figures wearing lovely dresses. It’s fun to check out the fashion. And, at nine months pregnant, I covet their toned and fit bodies, not to mention their waists!

This year’s contestants went all out in their national costumes, designed to represent their country. What comes to mind when one thinks of Jamaica? For me, it’s Bob Marley, reggae music, men and women with long flowing dreadlocks, and also, beautiful sandy beaches.

Lo and behold, Miss Jamaica wore her hair in massive dreads, a Bob Marley T-shirt, and accessories in the colours of the national flag — red, green and gold. Irie!

What do I think of when I think of India? Delicious food, beautiful saris in bright opulent colours, and month-long wedding ceremonies. What did Miss India wear? A stunning magenta sari and culturally-significant jewelry.

It’s like this: if you’re opposed to the whole idea of beauty pageants, then nothing these women wear, say or do will please you. If, like me, you watch for the entertainment and visual appreciation alone, then it’s fun to remark on the clothing, make bets on who will win, and giggle sympathetically when one trips down the runway.

There’s no harm done, no wrongdoing, and certainly no poor role-modelling involved. Most of these women are clean cut, educated, charity-minded and do-gooders. Better to be beautiful and prance around in skimpy bikinis in order to win a contest, than to think you’re beautiful, prance around in skimpy bikinis, and make a fool of yourself just to get on the cover of the latest celebrity tabloid.

As a mother, I would think that a beauty queen is a better role model than say, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, whose behaviour patterns are left to be desired.

Yes, beauty is sometimes only skin deep, but many of these women generally appear to be more than superficial, and in my opinion, so should our judgment.


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