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Paint that black thumb green

With the snow melting and the weather warming up, is there any sweeter sight than that of flowers and plants growing?

Those flowers become all the more impressive when you are the one who planted them and raised them to maturity. That’s why several institutions in Ottawa are offering gardening courses to help you paint that black thumb a pleasant shade of green.

Whether your aspirations are limited to a planter box or a career managing soil, there are options for you.

For the organically minded enthusiast, there is a series of four workshops available at the Sandy Hill community centre. “The purpose of this course is to give experienced gardeners (the chance) to learn about putting the organic component into their gardening and do it well,” said Margaret Townson, one of the course administrators.

If your gardening aspirations are more professional and career-minded, Algonquin College offers a two-year horticulture diploma program.

“The program itself includes greenhouse management, designing landscapes for homeowners, pruning — pretty much everything you need to do inside or outside,” said Mary Anne Jackson-Hughes, a professor of horticulture for 20 years.

Algonquin’s program offers both part-time and full-time studies, including courses offered at night and on the weekends, or online.