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Palette Art Group holding annual spring sale

The 14th Palette Art Group will be holding its annual spring sale from May 12 to May 15 at the Bedford Place Mall.

“We enjoy having them here,” says Stephanie McDougall of the Bedford Place Mall. “The artwork is beautiful. (We’re) always happy to support local artists and (we) enjoy looking at their talent.”

“It’s always been very warmly received by our customers,” she adds.

JoAnne Muise agrees.

“I think they look forward to coming and seeing us there,” says the group’s exhibition director.
“…We’ve been there for so long (that) people are used to seeing us there.”

She’s been in the group since it formed in 1980.

The spring sale is one of two sales the group puts on at the Bedford Place Mall every year. The other sale happens at Christmas-time.

There’ll be something for everyone at the sale.

“They’re all original paintings, all sizes, all shapes, all prices and all local artists,” says Muise with obvious pride.

The group has close to 40 members and they get together once a month to have workshops to improve their painting skills.

A professional is hired to facilitate the workshops, but members also meet outside of the group.

“Some of the other members get together to paint otherwise,” says Muise. As much as the group’s purpose is to paint, “It’s a social thing as well,” she says.

Muise had an integral role in the forming of the group.

“I was teaching painting in the Fall River area and I was going to quit teaching, but the ladies in the classes all decided they wanted to continue to paint together, so they formed the group,” says Muise.

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