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Pamela Anderson’s boobs stir up old ‘Baywatch’ drama

Nicole Eggert and Pamela Anderson, stars of the tv series 'Baywatch,' wearing the
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If you are too young to know what “Baywatch” is, then you’ll at least be interested in the movie remake of the hit ‘90s show — set to debut in 2017 and star Zach Effron and Dwayne Effron.

Centeringaround a group of attractive lifeguards who patrol the beach in Los Angeles, noone was more known for their bathing suit-clad body than Pamela Anderson. But her co-star DavidHasselhoff reportedly never wanted her on the sand.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, original producers Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz revealed seven “Baywatch” secrets.

According to them, Hasselhoff believed her Playboy past would turn off viewers because “children watch this show.” But Schwartz thinks he was afraid of her “enormous breasts” taking away his spotlight — which they did.

Another “secret” also hinted that Anderson’s boobs were responsible for fellow BaywatcherNicole Eggert’s breast enhancement surgery. “She felt a little bit competitive with Pam,” Berk told the Reporter. It apparently caused an issue with shooting, as the surgery happened during a break during season seven.

But Anderson’s boobs proved an asset after a sex tape of her and then-husband Tommy Lee went public in 1995 — and doubled ratings.

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