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Parents spend a lot of time helping with homework

Parents spend a lot of time helping with homework

A new study proves what many families have long suspected — parents are spending more time helping their kids with their homework than ever.

According to a new study from Education.com — 80 percent of parents spend much more time helping with assignments than their parents did. The study also offers a look at how Americans view the state of education today.

Mixed feelings on Common Core. The Common Core State Standards (which were meant to increase students’ critical thinking and analytical skills) remain controversial — with one out of four parents believe the standards will have either a negative or very negative impact on the quality of their child’s education and 40 percent of parents saying they are still on the fence about it.

What teachers think. Teachers who were surveyed also expressed concern about the Common Core, with many saying they still need more resources to properly implement the curriculum. Over a quarter of the teachers questioned said they have received no guidance on how to properly it.

A positive note. Despite rapid changes in recent years, teachers and parents are hopeful. Over three quarters of parents say they believe their children are receiving a good education. For their part, 85 percent of teachers say the quality at the school they work in is good.

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