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Paris has, like, lots of besties

Paris Hilton doesn’t need a televised competition to find friends, but she says she uses one to give people a chance to be her pal who wouldn’t have a shot otherwise.

“Obviously, in real life, I have a lot of friends,” she says with a proud giggle. “The show is just a really funny and fun concept.”

The bleached-blonde member of the family behind the Hilton Hotels Corporation will name her newest confidante on the finale of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (that’s “best friend forever,” for the acronym-inept), this week. The show airs Thursday night on MuchMusic.

The competition is the second she’s held in the United States, although things went sour with the first American victor. After visiting the hometowns of this season’s three finalists on last week’s episode, Hilton ousted California’s Stephen Hampton, the sole remaining male.

Now, the final two pets of Paris — Florida’s Stefanie Fritz and Louisiana’s Tiniecia Goldsmith — are left to vie for the BFF title, having outlasted 14 others in hopes of hobnobbing regularly with the heiress.

Whoever wins, Hilton says it’s very important she doesn’t change who she is when the shimmer of celebrity spills onto them.

“When you come in the spotlight, anything can happen,” she says. “You should never forget who you first were originally.”

Among the qualities Hilton said she looks for in a BFF are trustworthiness, a good heart and the ability to humour her.

“I just want somebody who is real and not becoming my friend for any other reasons, to get face time or use me,” she says.

And to make sure that doesn’t happen? “Maybe I’ll tell them a secret … we’ll see if it will get out, even if it’s a big rumour,” she says.

But even if it doesn’t work out again, perhaps Hilton will keep one of the other contenders in mind. She says that even after the show wrapped shooting, she still socialized with half the cast.

“They came over to my house party,” she says. “Everyone this season has just been so much fun. There are so many big personalities in the house. But the person who won, I’m very close to.”

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