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Parties to meet on committee

The leaders of the province’s three political parties will meet to try to solve a dispute that has one party boycotting committee meetings.

Tory Cecil Clarke announced he and his party would refuse to attend future meetings after storming out of a Public Accounts meeting Wednesday. The NDP majority on the committee had just voted, over the strenuous objection of opposition members, to cancel a scheduled appearance of gaming executives.

Clarke accused the NDP of running a “parliamentary dictatorship” and in an interview with Metro went so far as to say Premier Darrell Dexter should “get his head out of his arse.”

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil also accused the NDP of subverting the committee, but rejected the idea of a boycott.

He called for the three parties to meet to discuss the impasse and Dexter agreed.

The meeting will take place sometime before next Wednesday’s Public Accounts meeting. This week’s gathering of the weekly committee was postponed.

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