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Parties vowing support for women

It was deadline day yesterday for the province’s three political parties.

In October, the Women’s Alliance for Change in Nova Scotia handed the parties a list of expectations and demands, along with about 1,000 postcards of support. The organization expected a response by Human Rights Day, which was Saturday.

“Our message to the parties is to make women’s issues priority issues, and not just at election time but all the time,” said Christine Saulnier, one of the chairs of WACNS.

She spoke at a press conference at Province House yesterday along with representatives from all the parties.

Kelly Regan, Liberal critic for the Status of Women, read a statement from party leader Stephen McNeil pledging support for women’s issues.

“We consider all of our policies for the impacts they will have on women,” Regan read.

Jamie Baillie, leader of the PC party and also a critic for the Status of Women, said it’s especially difficult for women to leave a relationship and be self-sufficient with the risk of violence.

“There are holes in the system — especially at that moment where a woman makes the move to regain her independence, her fundamental human right to be in charge of her own life,” he said.

He added better jobs and wages for women would help.

Marilyn More, minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, said her party has spent $100 million for under-income support programs.

She said the NDP has a three-year domestic-violence action plan and set up a sexual-assault committee, and she meets regularly with aboriginal groups.

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