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Party hair tips from Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil Transition Hair Look A low side braid looks effortlessly glamorous says Moroccanoil Artistic Director, Antonio Corral Caleros.
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You have your dress all lined up, and you finally settled on concrete plans with your friends but what are you doing with that hair? Moroccanoil Artistic Director, Antonio Corral Calero shares his tips to get glam for the New Year’s Eve party — and rest of the year.

Can you suggest a style that can be transitioned from day to night for after-work parties?
When it comes to transitioning a look from day to night simplicity is the way to go. Try transitioning a regular braid or ponytail into a loose side ponytail or low side braid letting it fall over your shoulder and pull out a few soft pieces of hair to frame the face for effortless chic glamour.

Women love winter hats. What’s a quick fix for flat, limp ‘hat hair’?
Flat hair can easily be fixed by rubbing a small amount of Moroccanoil Treatment between your hands and running through your hair — the hydration will remove static and frizz, transforming your hair from flattened and dull to lifted and shiny.

For even more lift, flip your hair and use a light hair spray for flexible movement and light texture.
What is your favorite hair look for New Year’s parties?
Getting ready for New Year’s parties can be so much fun because you can really play around with different looks. Once you select on a fabulous outfit you can create a beautiful hair look that will best complement your style. Personally, I love when women have a beautiful, detailed dress and style their hair with a soft bun to elongate the neck and really show off the dress, creating an elegant and glamorous feel.

If you are wearing an open back dress, I recommend pulling the hair back in a low loose bun with a few pieces falling down the back to enhance the cut of the dress. A quick tip if you are wearing big statement earrings — be sure to wear the hair back, away from the face, to showcase your accessories. No matter what, make sure to keep your hair look simple and soft this season to enhance your natural shine.

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