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Partygoers furious over disastrous New Year’s bash

People walking home in a blizzard wearing tablecloths, brawls, and possibly hundreds of people losing their coats are among the complaints after a disastrous New Year’s Eve party at the Cunard Centre.

About 3,500 people attended the event hosted by East Coast Dynamics. After midnight, the coat-check system broke down, with people storming the area and fights breaking out.

“I saw just hoards of people in there. There were random coats lying all over the tables. You’re just kind of grabbing coats that look like they might be yours,” said Bree Philippe.

As a result, many people were forced to take coats that weren’t theirs to make it home through the blizzard. Others walked home wrapped in tablecloths.

Now no one knows if they’ll see their coats again or be able to get a refund. “It could have been prevented by having more security, hands down,” said Philippe.

“No one saw any security, so no one was afraid of any repercussions.”

East Coast Pub Crawls president Brad Steeves couldn’t be reached for comment.

Metro also received two separate reports of someone taking bribes to give people coats. Allison Wood described being in a crowd while a man held up coats. People would then offer $20 or $50 bills, and the man would throw the coat to the bidder.

Wood described watching a woman buy her $400 coat and boots for $50, and being unable to stop her.

“Between the money I spent on tickets, limos, my dress, which is now ruined, and my lost stuff, I shelled out about $1,600 to have the worst night of my life,” she said.

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