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Passengers stuck for three hours underground on T

Roughly 447 passengers on a Red Line train yesterday morning were evacuated after two cars stalled out for more than three hours.

Michelle Johnson, 22, said although the air conditioning stopped working after the first hour of entrapment, she didn’t mind being stuck with strangers for an additional two hours.

“I had fun. The people that I was stuck with were great and we had a good attitude,” she said. “We talked and took pictures, one person was making a documentary with their cell phone. We joked about the situation.”

MBTA spokesperson Lydia Rivera said two, six-car trains were stuck in the outbound tunnel near Porter Square just after 9 a.m.

Rivera said at first one southbound train broke down between Harvard and Porter, but when a second train came along to pull the disabled train back to Porter, it also broke down.

Shuttle service was started between Harvard and Alewife for some passengers, while others remained underground.

The Cambridge Fire Department responded to the scene and EMTs offered medical attention Passenger Nic Marmor, 25, said MBTA staff was friendly and attentive and kept trapped passengers updated the whole time.

“It was a day I wish I took my bike,” said Marmor. “But the T people were great — they were cordial and accommodating.”

The cause of the failure has yet to be determined.

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