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Patriots, Deflategate throws Vegas NFL odds for 2015 out of whack

The NFL is expected to levy some sort of punishment on the Patriots for Deflategate.
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Consider the AFC East open, or at least more open then it has been the past, oh, decade.

The latest revelations in Deflategateand possible discipline looming for key members of the New England Patriots has put the entire division very much up in the air. The Patriots have won the division 12 times since 2001, a run of dominance that may not be repeated again in the NFL. And this year, with the Patriots coming off a Super Bowl win, the outlook was no different.

Another season, another Patriots divisional title … or so it was supposed to go before the Wells Report.Now, however, the team’s run at dominance is plunging faster than the PSI of their game balls, and so to is Vegas’ outlook on them.

In fact, the scandal is throwing the betting outlook for the entire league out of whack.

“Pending the potential ramifications of the investigation of Deflategate, all the odds for the Super Bowl, the AFC Conference, and the AFC East are down,” said Kevin Bradley, Sportsbook Manager for Bovada.LV.“Considering they were the third highest favorite to win the Super Bowl, the co-favorite for the AFC Conference and an overwhelming favorite to win the AFC East, we are taking them down until we hear the official word on if Tom Brady gets suspended. If Brady does get suspended, it will have a huge impact on all of these odds”

Earlier this week, Bovada had the Patriots as their third team most likely to win the Super Bowl at 15:2 odds,behind the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. They were 1:2 to win the division.

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