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Patriots: Different paths after Tom Brady’s ‘Tuck’

It’s been almost 10 years since Tom Brady’s fumble in the 2001 AFC divisional game against the Raiders was ruled an incomplete pass. Since that night, one organization has experienced the highest of highs, while the other has been relegated to the cellar of the NFL.

By no means have the tables turned in the early stages of the 2011 season, but it’s clear that the Raiders are on the up and up. The future in the Black Hole is bright.

The reason, aside from some new talent, of course, is the attitude change in the locker room. An organization with so much pride lost sight of what it truly meant to be a part of “Raider Nation.” Oakland coach Hue Jackson has worked to restore that manner.

“I think it’s the attitude of expectation,” Jackson said. “I mean, the Raiders have been great [in the past], just like the Patriots have done it, just recently — Super Bowls and winning. The Raiders at times were that team too — year-in and year-out, in the playoffs, challenging for the Super Bowl.”

Fresh off their win against the Jets, the Raiders are rolling, and they’re ready to give the Patriots their best shot. Could this be another franchise-changing game for both teams?

“It’s all about making our players understand the rich tradition and history that has been here,” Jackson said.

“It’s time to get that back. It’s time to work back into that mode.”

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